Exhibited in Times Square, New York, with Cube Art Fair during Frieze Art Fair 2021


Exhibited in Miami with Cube NFT Art Fair during Art Basel 2021


Olivia is an Energy artist
Her language is that of light.
One that bypasses words.
That is sensed and not learned.
That communicates with the soul.


Energy is invisible and everywhere.
Undefinable and universal.
How to put words on Olivia then?


Olivia chooses joy and vibrates joy.

Her discipline is positivity.

She allows each day to be a sacred celebration.
She trusts, even in darker times.

Allow, trust and let go.

This is how she opens the channel to the subtle realm, 

source of infinite creativity.

She feels the world instead of thinking it.

Senses nature. Senses her body.
Water as a must. 

Dancing as a blast.
Dreams as a drive.

The high vibrations she receives carry bliss, ecstasy, and unconditional love.
Olivia lets them diffuse, through her whole being,
before conveying them through her hands on canvas.
She then reveals the intangible with colour and movement.

COLOR stands for the life force.
The vibrant energy that nourishes her soul.

MOVEMENT stands for the flow.
The freedom that allows magic to be part of the play.

Olivia perceives art as being  beyond  the object.

Beyond the painting.

Her art is about life. About people.

She deeply believes we are all creative souls by nature.
Through her art, she longs to inspire others to reveal their authentic and colourful selves.

Olivia is a light worker.
Her creations help to live from the heart.
To tap in the energy of unconditional love.


Olivia is Belgian. She was born in London in 1982.

Originally self taught, 

she then took Art courses in London at the Royal Academy, 

Central Saint Martins, and the Royal Drawing School.

She started off with a first gallery exhibition in 2010 in Brussels.

Was featured in a collection of Saatchi.

Exhibited at the AAF fair in London  and Brussels.

Successfully sold artworks in auction house - Euvrard & Fabre in Paris.

She exhibited in London , Paris, Brussels, 

Miami (during Art Basel for her physical and NFT works), 

New York (during Frieze Art Fair), 

Leuven, Saint Tropez, Knokke-le-Zoute.

Today her creations are in the hands of private collectors 

across the 5 continents.


Olivia also showcased at the world’s largest public art fairs :

 NFT (Miami Art Basel), Times Square (Frieze NY), Bruxelles.

She worked on large commission works - mural & canvas,

for select top tier private collectors.

She collaborated with a writer for a book cover

She does limited edition series of pieces of her artworks on résine bracelets

She is active in the NFT art world: https://opensea.io/collections

She exhibits for charities

For every artwork sold a donation is given to charities carefully selected by Olivia


Exhibition in NYC during Frieze Art Fair with Cube Art Fair May 2022

Exhibition in Brussels in October 2021

Exhibition in Brussels in December 2020

Exhibited in Miami with Cube Art Fair during Art Basel 2020


Book Cover

Book Cover.jpg
Photo de Olivia.jpg

Sample of Special Commissions
(Mural for a Hotel & Painting of a masterpiece
 adapted in my style Vibrant for a Private Collector)

NFT Sample (on Opensea.io, profile:  OliviadePosson)

Photo de Olivia.jpg
Philippa .jpg
Photo de Olivia.jpg
bracelets 2.jpg
bracelets 1.jpg

Wearable Art: Bracelets, Limited editions of 8 each