Short video of a past exhibition in NYC during Frieze Art Fair in May 2022

My painting expresses my soul through 3 main Styles illustrated below:

Vibrant, Deep, Doodle
 Feeling & freeing the life force within !



Deep contemplations, Deep layers, Deep colors...
DOODLES (Paintings & Drawings)

Meditation in movement

Doodling is a form of meditation. Doodling for the sake of doodling, because it feels good and nourishes my soul. The movements of my hand flowing harmoniously on paper or canvas feel inspired by a beautiful and delicious life force. I listen to the music of silence, uncover my soul, liberate emotions, ideas and light, express myself freely, discover the ocean of unlimited energies that pass through me. 
ON FIRE ! (& Miscellaneous ... Sculptures ...)

This section shows types of paintings that I have channeled/created less often.
Still full of infinite energy, light, color, love and bliss but expressed and materialised in another way.